mERP Solution

A comprehensive payment solution along with resource and ERP solution for digital supply chain inventory, distribution, and financing management.

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Get more than just payment solution

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For All business sizes

Resilient and high quality hardware coupled with powerful transaction capability and advanced analytical tools allow you to cater any kind of business with ease.

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Feature Rich

Give your merchants a far superior experience covering their billing, payments & marketing needs as well features such as digital distribution and digital financial supply chain in a smart, cost effective and mobile way. ePaisa also offers them a revenue earning opportunity to increase their business.

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Latest low cost hardware

Get the most economical, viable and most versatile POS terminal hardware. Depending on your business model - charge businesses for the hardware, or introduce it free/at a monthly rental.

Payment Universe

Inventory Management

Inventory functions that allow the business to easily and automatically manage product stock and prices to reflect the real-time view of the inventory across their distribution chain up to stores.

New Vistas

Digital Distribution

A single 360-degree view of inventory enables the smart redistribution of stocks. Wiser decision making saves huge working capital costs and boosts profit.


Digital Financial Supply Chain

Automate payment across the supply chain as per events and guidelines set. No more processing requests and making payments manually.

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