Auto Payment

Offer your consumer the choice to automate regular payments to their billers through your website (desktop or mobile) and/or other banking interface expediting payments while also adding the convenience to pay via multiple channels.

Contact Sales

Build a more engaged customer base.

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Add Convenience

Satisfy today’s customers need to pay their favorite billers via mobile apps, website and all other modern channels.

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Drive Stickyness

Our implementation has delivered Higher activity rates on the accounts and lower Customer attrition.

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Boost Revenues

Tap a new source of revenue directly through increased transactions and indirectly by bringing more merchants to your ecosystem

Payment Universe

Welcome to the Ecosystem

FDS Ecosystem opens up a plethora of biller categories to your costumers. With over thousands of billers on-board already, consumers will always find what they are looking for.

New Vistas

More Choices to Consumers

The payment world is getting personal and convenient. Keep pace with this change through our Biller solution which provides the consumers all the latest payment methods.


Cost Optimization

Our already established and ready-to-use biller network means you don’t have to invest or spend time in re-creating it. Our various engagement models help us offer you the most effective solution for your needs.

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