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"Numerous World Class IT Solutions for Your Bank in Affordable Price"

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Fortress Data Services (FDS) is a trustworthy and reliable shared services provider of world-class banking applications for Indonesian banks and financial services. A fast-growing company headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all our clients’ IT needs.


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Fortress Data Services

FDS delivers world class applications which can be developed in line with clients’ needs. This approach allows clients to select only the services that they require, and add on ready-made functionalities later as needed.

Clients have the opportunity to focus on their business, while routine IT operations are outsourced to FDS.

Indonesia (Jakarta )


Philippines (Manila)

Bangladesh (Dhaka)


Our organization's currently expanding aggressively in Indonesia as well as regionally to meet growing demand and strengthen our position as one of the fastest growing IT company in Indonesia.

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