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FDS is an authorized partner of Temenos and appointed as an exclusive sole provider for Temenos software as a service in Indonesia.

End-to-end banking solutions
FDS provides end-to-end banking technologies. From world-class core banking application and loan origination system to internet banking, mobile banking and payment gateway solution.

And for more sophisticated or specific requirements of today’s modern banking such as trade finance, treasury and business intelligence solution.

Customized for Indonesian Requirements
FDS services and products are compliant with regulatory requirements, both in terms of reports and processes. As such, clients enjoy the additional benefit of regulatory compliance through our services.

Our systems and processes are in line with Indonesian Central Bank reporting requirements such as LBBU (Laporan Berkala Bank Umum), LHBU (Laporan Harian Bank Umum), LBU (Laporan Bulanan Bank Umum), SID (Sistem Informasi Debitur) and LKPBU (Laporan Kantor Pusat Bank Umum).

We will also set up your systems and processes to reflect Indonesian banking industry processes and regulations such as the National Clearing System (SKN - Sistem Kliring Nasional), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), and Tax-Based CIF.

Fast and Flexible Set Up and Implementation
Once clients have signed with FDS and described their requirements, implementation will take place speedily through the use of a preset template and pre-determined parameters and processes.

Confidentiality, Security and Disaster Recovery
FDS guarantees the security and confidentiality of our client data. All client data is stored separately and protocols are in place so that there is no crossover.

In addition, data is backed up in our Disaster Recovery Center, from which it can be restored in the case of disasters. As such, our clients enjoy the benefit of automatic compliance with Bank Indonesia DRC regulation.


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