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"Your Preferred Provider for Banking Applications Shared Service"

Fortress Data Services (FDS) is a trustworthy and reliable shared services provider of world-class banking applications for Indonesian banks and financial services. A fast-growing company headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all our clients’ IT needs.

Our team has over 15 years experience providing Application Management Services (AMS) services to Indonesian and international banks. As such, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of how AMS services can aid, assist, and improve clients in the transformation to a high-performance organization.

We offer world-class and scalable banking applications for all sizes of businesses. In addition, we provide end-to-end banking solutions and services including support such as 24/7 technical support and Disaster Recovery facilities.

Ultimately, our goal is be the preferred banking application shared services partner in Indonesia.


Why Fortress Data Services?

Clients look to FDS in order to access affordable, scalable and world-class solutions. By outsourcing AMS needs to us, clients can enable growth, manage costs, and control risks, all at the same time.

Scalable, world class applications
FDS delivers world class applications which can be developed in line with clients’ needs. This approach allows clients to select only the services that they require, and add on ready-made functionalities later as needed.

Clients can focus on business rather than on routine IT operations
Clients have the opportunity to focus on their business, while routine IT operations are outsourced to FDS.

Readiness to grow
FDS as a partner for banks is ready and prepared to support client business growth through supporting applications, infrastructure and human resources.

Financial benefits from outsourcing software model
With FDS solutions and services, clients enjoy the luxury of world-class solutions with effective and efficient pricing. In particular, our Application Software Provider (ASP) pricing model means that clients can spread payments over time rather than making one costly upfront payment.

Access to the latest knowledge and technology
Through us, clients enjoy access to world-class applications and are able to leverage the latest technological advances to become more efficient and effective.


Who Can Use Our Solutions and Services?

Regardless of your size and requirements, FDS caters to all types of banking and financial institutions, delivering solutions and services that range from basic core banking application to sophisticated banking and financial services needs.

Our ready-to-use software modules are highly scalable so that as clients expand and develop, they can simply select the right module to support their new needs. Such modularity means that clients of all sizes can find services to fit their requirements.

Clients at every level will also find FDS services to be cost effective compared to the value we provide, while our software-leasing model allows clients to manage payments over time.


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At FDS we are committed to the delivery of excellence through the highest customer service standards.

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